Custom Home Gallery

Below are pictures of some of the homes built By MLC Custom Homes.

We are proud of the General Contractors that we hire. Not only do they do excellent work, they are all Licensed, Insured,Bonded, and like us — they all stand behind their work.

The homes you will see are homes built in, or within 30 miles from Detroit Lakes, MN.
You will find more detailed photos of these homes and others, by following the links below the slideshow.

  • Beautiful Lakeside Cottages
  • Versatile Patios
  • Heated Attached Garages
  • Beautiful Single Level Floor Plans
  • Convenient Garage Placement
  • Custom Fireplaces
  • Custom Kitchen Designs
  • Homes with Space Galore
  • Custom Designed Balconies
  • Spacious Kitchens
  • Large Window Designs
  • Split Level Homes
  • Gorgeous Entrances
  • Modern Kitchens
  • Custom Backsplash
  • Cozy Cottages
  • Open Living Areas
  • Custom Skylight Features
  • Ranch Style Estates
  • Interesting Rooflines
  • Beautiful Great Rooms
  • Multi Use Kitchens
  • Custom Touches
  • Spacious Patio Homes
  • Spacious & Warm Kitchens
  • Tray Ceiling Options
  • Spacious Single Level Homes
  • Custom Exteriors
  • Custom Tiled Entrances
  • Open Dining Areas
  • Beautiful Split Level Homes
  • Double Sided  Fireplaces
  • Custom Bathrooms
  • Open Floor Plans
  • Elegant Dining Areas
  • Relaxing Sitting Rooms

Photo Bucket

Our PhotoBucket account has many detailed pictures of some of the homes that we have built.

When the MLC_CustomHomes Photo Bucket page opens, on the left you will see an arrow next to MLC Custom Homes.
Click on that arrow, and a list of homes will drop down, you will be able to view all of the photo albums we have posted , in an organized manner.

MLC Custom Homes 4th Edition Catalog

 This will take you to our catalog which explains our vision, more about what we do, and some of the homes that we have built.

When you are ready to move on to the planning phase, we have a special additions catalog and design guide for you to view.


Our Modern Living Concepts Facebook account has the latest pictures of current projects, and other useful information.
Please connect with us, we are a social company.